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Can I tell you where I want to play ball?

Absolutely. We want to know your preferences. Understanding that our Student Placement Score directs us in the right direction, your input is valuable as we define the types of schools for you as a Student-Athlete.

Will you speak to and/or negotiate with Major League Baseball on my behalf?

NO. Under no conditions will we contact or in any way communicate (in any means) with professional teams, leagues, or those affiliated with such in any capacity for you or any of the student-athletes to whom we offer advice.

I’ve been told that I should contact 100’s of coaches introducing myself. Is that advisable?

Suggesting that you contact 100+ coaches is incompetent advice. Academics alone narrow YOUR list to 30-40 schools. Ace Of Spades Sports determines YOUR unique list by incorporating academic, athletic, social, and financial need factors.

Will Ace Of Spades Sports negotiate the financial offer made by a school for me?

We will NOT negotiate the offer that is made. The offer to play ball and enroll in any school is between the student-athlete, the school, and the school's coaching staff and admissions office. While we will offer advice and counsel about the various venues and events to attend, the types of exposure tournaments to participate in, the focus on various academic components, and other topics, the "selling" of the student-athete is the responsibility of the student-athlete. With our guidance and support, we feel confident that our student-athletes will receive an offer to continue playing ball in college at a school that matches both their academic standing and the athletic/sport skill level.

Do you have a searchable database of videos for colleges to search?

Contrary to what you hear, most coaches do NOT scour the internet looking for videos of players. They rely on trustworthy sources to present a video. It’s most important that they see you personally. We will utilize videos but only after you have been introduced to the coach and there is a legitimate interest in you.

What if I want to play at a school that you do not have a relationship with?

If you have an interest in a school for which we do not currently have a relationship, you need not worry. Our reputation, credible assessments of the student-athlete, and access to each college and university affords us the opportunity to open doors and establish new relationships. With or without a prior relationship, if your game is in line with a school’s needs, we will get you on their radar screen for serious consideration.