Coronavirus Outbreak Leaves Baseball Players Stuck in Central Florida

By Jesse Canales Seminole County PUBLISHED 10:21 AM ET Mar. 26, 2020

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Three professional baseball players were thrown a curveball after the coronavirus pandemic postponed the start of their respective baseball leagues.

  • Baseball players staying in Central Florida to train

  • Coronavirus outbreak postponed start of their baseball leagues

  • Two players can't fly to Dominican Republic because of travel ban

Rymer Liriano, an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, is staying in Central Florida at the Ace of Spades Academy to stay conditioned for the start of the MLB season, which was originally planned for March 26.

The Mariners signed Liriano to a minor league contract last month.

Daker Tejeda, an Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, and Cesar Ortega, a Texas Rangers outfielder, are doing the same. They both play for their team’s minor league team in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic league is scheduled to start in June for now but because of the travel ban neither can fly to play for their teams.

They all train together and said they feel like family.

All three players are returning from injury and are upset their chance at the major leagues will be delayed even further.

Liriano played in the majors for a year and looked to reach those levels again.

The wife of one of the trainers is providing the players with medical checkups by checking their temperature and any signs of respiratory problems.​

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