What We Do

Ace Of Spades Sports has redefined STUDENT-ATHLETE advisory service


We believe we must:


  • Determine the most appropriate schools to consider for college

  • Offer the student-athlete a stage to showcase skills in front of the appropriate audience

  • Counsel the student-athlete in terms of academic choices and test scores

  • Leverage our track record, contacts, and attention to every detail

  • Design and implement a unique strategy from the beginning of high school until the college offer is made









Ace Of Spades Sports is committed to helping high school baseball, softball, and soccer players reach the next level in their sport – participating at the collegiate level.


Ace Of Spades concepts and approaches are unique, proven and effective. Most importantly, we have found that exceptional communication is our premier asset. Personal communication is critical.


Our exclusive Student-Athlete Placement Score is a critical component in the recruiting process. The SPS™ allows us to compare a player’s abilities against other players and in relation to individual college requirements. Using a well conceived formula, we evaluate the student-athlete on 30 core factors (10 athletic skills, 10 sport-related skills, and 10 critical academic factors). The compilation of our findings enables us to determine an appropriate list of colleges to consider for each student-athlete. It is this process that has allowed Ace Of Spades Sports to become so successful in an industry that has often been an inexact science.

Ace Of Spades Sports ’ attention to detail keeps you on the radar screens of many colleges. Everything is done professionally, timely, and ethically. Ace Of Spades Sports has developed the roadmap to success – helping you reach the goal of playing ball in college.


The college community considers us a valuable and unbiased referral for talent - affording us the opportunity to open more doors for you to colleges across the country. All the members on our team share this same vision.

Our Plan


Ace Of Spades Sports , Inc. arms all Student-Athletes and their families with the tools necessary to navigate the complicated (and often confusing) recruiting process. Our customized and personalized approach educates our clients and ensures they are informed and comfortable with each stage of their unique recruiting experience.


The college community considers us a valuable and unbiased referral for talent - affording us the opportunity to open more doors for you to colleges across the country.  All the members on our team share this same vision. 






Ace Of Spades Sports  puts the Student-Athlete first by providing the stage to demonstrate your athletic skills and academic abilities.  Wherever that stage is, Ace Of Spades Sports  knows who the audience is and who is watching you. Selecting a college is an important decision - a lifelong decision.



The athletic side of the equation is critical, but so are the academic, social, and financial concerns.  The combination of your talents both on the field and in the classroom, and our accurate assessment, guidance, knowledge, experience, and professional relationships will dramatically improve your chances of reaching the ultimate goal – playing ball in college.

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